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Let the website return to the "marketing" nature, and help the official website of foreign trade companies to quickly get rankings on Google. We insist on speaking with real cases, and we treat every website production with care. The cost-effective service of building a website is more cost-effective, more economical and more effective.
Website prices, from hundreds to thousands of dollars, there is always a solution for you!

Foreign trade template website

Affordable station construction speed
Quickly build a station
PC + mobile phone synchronization overseas server
Simple and easy to operate in the background, perfect SEO function
Free domain name, space, and banner design
Unlimited column products and support for multilingual websites
Suitable for enterprises: small and medium foreign trade companies, foreign trade SOHO
From 980 yuan

Official Website of Exhibition Foreign Trade Enterprise

Personalized design to create a visual impact foreign trade official website
Web designer one-to-one customization
H5 Responsive Website Amazon, Alibaba Cloud Server
Cloud system website background, regularly updated weekly
Full website, easy to operate, visual management
Unlimited column products and support for multilingual websites
Suitable for enterprises: brand foreign trade companies, foreign trade production enterprises
From 4800 RMB

Marketing Foreign Trade Website

Get more traffic and enquiries to improve website marketing effectiveness
One-on-one customization for senior web designers
H5 Responsive Website Amazon, Alibaba Cloud Server
Meet Google's latest website building standards SEO featuresMore
Powerful operational tools and data analysis
Fast indexing, fast promotion, good ranking, fast word extension
Suitable for companies: companies that promote bidding and value marketing
From 7800 RMB

Cross-border Mall B2C Independent Station

Affordable station construction speed
Cross-border B2C shopping mall system,
Responsive website supports login-free purchase
Support credit card / Paypal payment interface
Intelligent SEO optimization system to cater to search engine preferences
Professional SKU management and inventory management, membership level management
Suitable for enterprises: foreign trade companies, foreign trade SOHO
From 9800 RMB

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的营销型外贸网站, 免费为您后续 海外网络 推广 保驾护航! Build a profitable marketing-type foreign trade website for you, and escort your subsequent overseas network promotion for free !
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累计合作客户超3500余家。 Fulcrum e-commerce was established in 2010, professional foreign trade website construction site, independent mall construction, English web page production, foreign trade website promotion, Google overseas promotion, Google SEO optimization, foreign trade self-built site minimum 980 yuan [ custom design is not satisfied full refund ] The cooperative foreign trade companies are located in Shenzhen , Guangzhou , Beijing , Dongguan , Zhongshan , Zhengzhou , Changsha , Chengdu , Yiwu , Shanghai , Qingdao , Xiamen , Ningbo , Hangzhou , Jinan , Fuzhou , Dalian , Tianjin , Foshan and other cities, overseas Russia, Singapore , New Zealand and Australia also have our customers, with more than 3,500 customers.
Foreign trade B2B websites and shopping malls have been set up for machinery, hardware, furniture, pet supplies, 3c digital, daily necessities, agricultural products, steel, bearings, wigs and other products. It also provides the development and production of websites in more than 70 languages including English , Russian , Spanish , Portuguese , French , Arabic , German , and Filipino .
In order to improve the effectiveness of foreign trade websites, we integrate overseas online marketing resources: Google Ads bidding , Facebook advertising , Bing promotion , Yandex Russian promotion , Tiktok promotion ( Tou Yin overseas version), etc. to help companies reach more overseas users and achieve more efficient overseas Internet marketing effect.
The fulcrum station building system supports the deployment of static content overseas servers, dynamic dedicated line transmission, and dedicated CDN nodes to ensure foreign opening speed. Supports overseas mainstream SEO search engines, and can be customized and optimized. Website content can be shared to overseas social media such as Facebook and Twitter with one click.

Foreign trade website design and production case

Not only can a good website make money, it is also the industry benchmark! Forward-looking marketing thinking + craftsmanship spirit, customized foreign trade website with super marketing power for you!

Foreign trade website construction knowledge and overseas network promotion skills

  • Why do foreign companies choose English websites for construction?

    Why do foreign companies choose English websites for responsive construction?


    Foreign trade enterprises want to do well in overseas markets, the most important thing is to build their own English website. If a foreign trade enterprise website wants more users to browse the website, it must consider the compatibility of various devices. Therefore, foreign trade responsive websites have become popular, and foreign trade responsive websites are compatible with various terminal devices. So why do foreign trade companies choose to build a responsive website in English? There are three main aspects: First, the cost of building a website is lower. Foreign trade responsive websites realize the adaptation of different terminal devices, so foreign trade companies no longer need to rebuild a website specifically for mobile devices. . All equipment of the foreign trade marketing website can be accessed, which saves the cost of developing a mobile station independently by the enterprise. If there are a lot of corporate websites, then it is more troublesome to maintain, and it will be much easier to optimize and promote only one website. Second, it can be perfectly compatible with different devices.Compared with other types of websites, responsive websites can achieve perfect

  • Why does the foreign trade website build a responsive website? .jpg

    Why does the foreign trade website build a responsive website?


    Now there are more and more companies and SOHO who want to build a responsive foreign trade website, so what should be paid attention to when building a responsive foreign trade website? Mainly lies in these four points: 1. Adaptive platforms and browsers. This is a responsive website. The most important point is that if you cannot adapt to various platforms and browsers, it is not a responsive website. Nowadays, there are various terminal devices for browsing the website, and the sizes of mobile phones and computers are constantly changing. If each size is dedicated to a website, it is obviously impractical, and having a responsive website can easily and completely display the corporate image and related content. 2. System stability The stability of the system is also important. If the system is unstable, the website has a security breach, or the access is blocked, and the page does not open smoothly, it will affect the visitor experience. Research shows that currently the most satisfied time for web users to open a web page is less than 2 seconds, and the longest waiting time that can be tolerated is between 6 to 8 seconds.

  • How to design an inquiry flow entrance on a foreign trade website? How to accurately track and record inquiry conversions on -Google-Ads-account? .jpg

    How to design an inquiry flow entrance on a foreign trade website? How do I accurately track inquiry conversions on my Google Ads account?


    How does a foreign trade company design an inquiry flow entrance on a foreign trade website? How to accurately track and record inquiry conversion on a Google Ads account? First, let's review the two biggest pain points in the daily use of foreign trade websites: 1. Marketing effect is difficult to measure. Reason one: The main sales processes of B2B are offline, not offline. Online drainage and offline ordering are the current mainstream of B2B. This creates a natural challenge in tracking sales data. Compared with B2C e-commerce, almost all the closed loops of transactions have been completed, and all user paths from diversion to transaction into a single order can be accurately recorded. B2B online diversion and offline transaction into a single data are seriously disconnected. Reason two: The marketing department relies on the feedback from the sales department. As mentioned above, most of the transaction processes occur online, so the quality of the traffic brought by the marketing department lies in this judgment.

  • Why do companies make websites? The benefits of doing a website.Jpg

    Why do companies make websites? The benefits of doing a website!


    In the evolution of the digital age, building your company's website on the Internet, seizing network business opportunities, enhancing the company's image, and strengthening customer service are the winning ways for your company to operate. So: your company must build its own website! Whether you are a large multinational company, a small or medium-sized professional company, any organization, government department or agency, or even an individual, building a website can immediately enjoy the following benefits: Opportunities: Internet domain names are a resource. Now companies, organizations, and individuals are scrambling to register domain names for their corporate websites in order to gain a place on the Internet. A catchy domain name is often easy for people to remember and can get a chance on the network; and a domain name that matches the company's image can help your company to be invincible in the fast-growing online business community Get more business opportunities. Someone will ask me

  • What are the factors that cause foreign trade websites to rank poorly on Google? .jpg

    What are the factors that cause foreign trade websites to rank poorly on Google?


    I believe that every foreign trade company hopes that its foreign trade website ranks higher in Google and gets as much display as possible. Today, I will share with you that the foreign trade website's poor ranking on Google is caused by those factors. Let's take a look ~ I. The relevance of keywords and articles is not high 1. Whether there are keywords in key places; 2. Whether the keywords are highlighted (anchor text, bold, navigation, related content); 3. Keyword density. Second, the server selection is not good 1. The server location (domestic and foreign); 2. Whether the server IP has been punished; Check method: check how many stations on this server put the IP to query, and then use site: check among them How many sites are included, and many are fine. 3. Server stability. Third, the navigation structure is chaotic1. Navigation should be clear and clear (each column uses a directory package

  • The focus of foreign trade marketing website construction is those.jpg

    What are the key points of foreign trade marketing website construction?


    Foreign trade enterprises should establish a marketing website that conforms to the browsing habits of foreign buyers, and also optimize and promote them according to the search habits of foreign buyers, so that foreign buyers can find you more easily! Therefore, the focus of the construction of foreign trade marketing websites is In the following aspects: 1. Make the website have marketing functions, which is conducive to customer conversion and sending enquiries. Corporate marketing website and image website are completely different concepts. Image website is a business card of the company, which reflects the company An image of marketing; and marketing websites are completely different, it is for the purpose of sales. Therefore, a website with marketing functions, which is conducive to customer conversion and sending inquiries, is the real demand of foreign trade companies! 2. Making the website meet the application habits of the company is based on the research of the B2B platform and well-known foreign enterprise customer websites. Summarized the website content and favorite design styles that foreign customers care about, and converged to their own

  • Why foreign trade website design choose European and American website style.Jpg

    Why do foreign trade website designs choose European and American website styles?


    The Internet emerged from the United States, and then developed into the United Kingdom. So far, the overall construction of the British website and the overall construction of the American website are very close to each other, including typography, layout, and text, which are very similar. Nowadays, their website design style also claims to be the same, which is called by many of our designers as European and American style websites. For foreign trade companies, facing global overseas users, the European and American markets are the key markets for many exporting companies. Therefore, foreign trade websites are designed in European and American styles and can gain the trust of overseas customers. Today I will share with you European and American website design styles Some of the characteristics: 1. The page is tidy, highlighting that this is very similar to the European and American style of behavior, their text descriptions are very delicate, and basically use small paragraphs to distinguish them to avoid reading fatigue. The content matches the text and pictures, and the focus is very clear. 2.Jane

  • Jinan web design company tells you what kind of website design can make users like.jpg

    Jinan web design company tells you what kind of website design can make users like it?


    Now entering the 5G era, the role of corporate official websites is also increasing. How to attract customers' attention and increase sales through the website. Shandong Fulcrum is a professional Jinan web design company, serving more than 3,000 enterprises. Let ’s talk with you today about what kind of website design can make users like it. 1. The corporate website positioning should be clear. Generally speaking, when companies are building official corporate websites, , You must first position your website well. Whether this website is used for marketing or brand promotion, if it is used for marketing, the web design theme must be designed around the selling points of the company's products, highlighting the company's products and similar products. Product advantages make enterprise products more concerned by users. To make a corporate brand website, the web design of the entire website should be concise and simple, so that others can feel the corporate culture when they click in. The corporate website is well-positioned, and no one wants to browse the web pages. 2.High

  • Top 10 web design trends in 2019.jpg

    Top 10 website design trends in 2019


    The rapid development of Web technology not only allows designs and products to meet more detailed and in-depth requirements, but also enables designers to perform more delicate and unique expressions. The current web design trend is no longer confined to a single technique, but is more of a composite, comprehensive design method with implied intent. From the choice of color, the layout of text, the overall interface design and the presentation of user experience, all are a feedback and externalization of the current culture and the trend of the entire era. Based on this year's latest website design work, this article sorts out web design trends in 2019. Some are returning from old trends, while others are quietly popular in new directions. I hope to give you more inspiration. Injecting emotion into the design The only way to truly connect with potential users is emotional design. For the moment, the best batches of web pages in 2019

  • What should be paid attention to in the design of foreign trade custom website? .jpg

    What should be paid attention to in the design of foreign trade custom website?


    People are now more and more aware of the importance of a "ceremonial feeling", and the same is true for foreign trade. An independent foreign trade website is also essential for our foreign trade people. However, in the early days, companies that built websites built websites for no purpose, because other companies or business partners had websites. But I do n’t know about website construction. This is generally an early-developed company in the foreign trade industry. Nowadays, people start to pay attention to the effectiveness of foreign trade website design schemes on websites. In the process of English website design, according to our experience, there are several issues that need to be reminded: 1. The purpose of English website design must be clear. The purpose of website design is for effective user access. 2. The idea of English website design is clearly in line with its own industry characteristics. It is very important to analyze foreign visits, user behaviors and habits. Do n’t tell me about the beauty of the page. The beauty of the page can only be ranked among the various factors that need to be considered in website construction.

  • Foreign trade website design planning.Jpg

    Foreign trade website design planning


    In the construction of foreign trade website, how to make the planning of foreign trade website better? Jinan Zhidian E-commerce Co., Ltd., after years of experience in website construction, summarized the following foreign trade website construction and foreign trade website design experience, and shared with you. I. Selecting professionals for website planning. As the competition in the society becomes more and more intense, the division of labor is also becoming more and more detailed. Website planning is a skill job, so you must choose professional planners and professional things for website planning. Still leave it to a professional to save time and improve efficiency. Second, the purpose of clear foreign trade website is to make customers understand their company's product information, the key point is to obtain orders through the website, can bring you actual benefits. That's right if you have a lot of customers. A foreign trade website is more than just a "website" for publishing products. In fact, a foreign trade website is also a website that can automatically bring you customers.

  • The difference between foreign trade website design and domestic website design.Jpg

    Differences between foreign trade website design and domestic website design


    The construction of foreign trade websites is different from domestic websites. After all, foreign trade websites are aimed at foreign customers and must conform to their experience habits. At the same time, they must be recognized by foreign search engines in order to gain a foothold in the foreign trade market. So what is the design style of the foreign trade website? 1. Website positioning The foreign trade website, as its name suggests, is a website operated by foreign trade, which is aimed at foreign markets. However, the users who see your website are foreign users. According to the market demand for website positioning, Research user experience habits and consumer psychology to determine the target theme. 2. The website pages are well known. Chinese and Western cultures are always different. Considering the style of the website, it is best to choose a European and British style that suits the aesthetic perspective of foreign users. The style should be adjusted according to the actual situation of the website. The simplicity of the website was also emphasized during the construction of the website in China. The requirements in this regard are more obvious abroad. The interface design of the entire website

  • Due to the special nature of the production of foreign trade website, many problems need to be paid attention to when building the website.jpg

    Due to the special nature of foreign trade website production, there are many issues that need to be paid attention to when building a website?


    Due to the special nature of foreign trade websites, many problems need to be paid attention to when building a website. The clients of foreign trade websites are all over the world, so the multilingual version of the website is also in great demand, and for the distribution of search engine optimization and the logical structure of foreign trade marketing websites , May be completely different from domestic websites. In particular, China may be more optimized for Baidu 360 Sogou, while abroad may be more targeted at Google and so on. 1. Prior to the initial planning and layout of the website, the order of the layout of each language, each module, navigation, and list should be as much as possible with its corresponding language version. 2. Because foreign trade websites are aimed at cross-regional website construction, consideration must be given to the construction and configuration of the server environment of the website to ensure that foreign trade websites can have a good user browsing experience where they should be opened quickly! 3.Foreign trade website construction is certainly more for ordinary domestic website production.

  • Foreign trade website production attention issues and common promotion methods.Jpg

    Attention problems in making foreign trade website and common promotion methods


    As a foreign trade enterprise, it is necessary to be a foreign trade website with English function, or it is better to support a multi-language website. The website design must conform to foreigners (foreign browsing user habits). Conciseness, personality, and strict page style. There are still a few issues to pay attention to: 1. For foreign trade, you must give priority to foreign virtual hosts and domain name registrars. Because the export of broadband is restricted, if you still want to use a domestic virtual host, this is a fatal injury. Foreign web servers (web hosting) are actually not expensive. Second, the website design must conform to foreign thinking (customers of foreign browsing users). Europe and the United States advocate simplicity, personality, and rigorous page styles. They are the favorite of foreigners. 3. The content must be standardized. The most basic requirement for foreign trade is the writing of English articles. Basically, there must be no grammatical errors or misspelled words. Quit Chinese English.

  • How much does a foreign trade website make, and why the price difference between foreign trade website production is so big.jpg

    How much does it take to make a foreign trade website, and why is the price difference so great?


    People often ask when leading foreign trade websites to ask why the price difference between foreign trade websites is so big? What about prices ranging from hundreds to thousands or even tens of thousands? So how much does it cost to be a foreign trade network? Among the companies that focus on website construction, the products under its leadership are a very professional company in foreign trade website construction. According to our many years of experience and market observations, it is summarized as follows: A few hundred yuan is a personal job Because the small studios such as the template building station provided by the room are personal, the price of the website template provided is relatively low, some hundreds of dollars. However, with the intensification of inflation and the rise in prices in the past two years, the production prices of foreign trade websites for these small studios have also risen, generally around 1,000 yuan. The advantage of choosing a personal website studio is that it is cheap, but the disadvantage is that if these individuals do not want to do it, your follow-up service is not guaranteed. Moreover, it is difficult to provide stable services for personal studios. enterprise

  • What costs are involved in website production.jpg

    What does it cost to create a website?


    As one of the most important channels for companies to establish and promote their brands, website construction has become an important step in the development of enterprises. However, the costs of website construction are different, which makes many enterprises have a lot of doubts when choosing a website construction company. The details of the quotation of the website construction company by the fulcrum e-commerce company are as follows. 1. Development costs In the process of web design, their development costs usually have two parts: the program or the front end of the website. For small-scale companies, there are basically no special plug-in development. Under certain circumstances, it is only necessary to pay for the production of certain templates, and in the process of web design, a comprehensive understanding of the costs of these different templates should be made according to the actual situation of the website. 2. Basic configuration costs Now, in the process of website production, this will include various

  • Website making.jpg

    What should I pay attention to when creating a website?


    The new marketing method includes a website. The purpose of creating a website is to allow customers to understand us in all aspects without visiting the company in person, which also saves customers costs. The quality of the website directly affects the customer's impression. What should be paid attention to when creating a website? Know that the website is the first impression to customers. If the website is more refined, it can attract customers to stop and browse the website. If the website is messy, customers will not browse the website, let alone cooperate. A sophisticated website can attract more customers to browse the website. Websites need to know the trade-offs. What is mentioned here is that some important information should be placed in a more prominent place on the website, which can be passed to customers as soon as possible when browsing the website, and product information should also be explained in detail. Discarding is discarding less useful information, or some less important information. Also pay attention to some details when making the website.

  • Web Design.jpg

    How Website Analysis Analyses Website Page Design


    There are all kinds of design styles, frame organization and page layout. When the demand provider did the preparatory work to investigate the market in the early stage, it was not clear at all. A website is good and noble. Users are reminded once again that they must pay attention to three points when discussing website design and page analysis with suppliers. The specific content is as follows: The first point: the organizational structure of the website page. When discussing how to design the project, the supplier will provide The related industry examples are for you to enjoy. This is how you plan for the organizational structure of this website page. The interface is based on simple style or the domestic pure content display style. . Whether the typeset content of the information displayed on the homepage is consistent with that in the navigation bar, or the information displayed by them is mainly those column information. Knowing that these are convenient for the subsequent production of the website.

  • What are the important data indicators for Google Ads promotion? .jpeg

    What are the important data indicators for Google Ads promotion?


    In order for Google Ads promotion to be effective, you must pay attention to data analysis during the operation process. The most basic indicators such as impressions, clickthrough rate, and conversion rate are unnecessary to say. This is every Google operator. The most basic thing, what I said today is in addition to the above indicators, what else we need to pay special attention to. We all know that Google ’s ad ranking has a very simple formula: bid X ad quality score, which determines that your ad position is not the higher the bid, the higher the ad. The ad quality score is mainly determined by the relevance of the ad, the landing page experience, and the expected click rate of the ad. Let's take a look at these factors separately: 1. Advertising quality score Quality score measures the cooperation between your keywords and ad copy and your landing page. The higher the click-through rate, the higher the matching degree of the landing page. The higher the score, the higher the user experience on the website.

  • [Google Ads] Manager account uses account map to manage multiple accounts more efficiently.jpg

    [Google Ads] Manager account uses account map to manage multiple accounts more efficiently


    If your manager account contains multiple sub-accounts, it is important to keep them organized. The account map allows you to view your manager account and all sub-accounts in one place, without having to click through to multiple pages and forms. In addition, the account map can help you determine which sub-accounts have the same attributes. For example, you can easily see which accounts use the same external manager, account-level tags, conversion actions, or remarketing lists. The account map applies to all manager accounts. Why not go to the Tools and Settings menu or the Account page in Google Ads to see your account map now.

  • google overseas promotion how to do.jpg

    How to do google overseas promotion?


    The fulcrum e-commerce customers are mainly foreign trade companies. After the website construction is completed, we need to consider how to get more traffic and visitors. Then Google is the best overseas promotion method, so how do Google overseas promotion? We foreign trade companies all need to consider the issues. Today, the fulcrum editor will chat with you: What is Google's overseas promotion? Popularly speaking, it is to use the Google search engine to do overseas online marketing for its products. Google is a global search engine with a high market share both at home and abroad. Google's popularity is at the top of the Internet. It can be seen that the use of Google for overseas promotion and sales of their products to a large customer base, the prospects are inestimable. Why choose Google promotion? 1.Google is a global and search engine

  • Google Shopping Ads Tool Upgrade! Updated Merchant-Center update.jpg

    Google Shopping Ads Tool Upgrade! Introduced Merchant Center update


    Recently, Google launched a series of updates to the Google Merchant Center. These updates are designed to simplify the process of getting product information on Google properties during the holidays. Automated feeds Starting in November, Automated feeds will be available in all shopping advertising countries. Merchants can choose to let Merchant Center capture their website structured product data and extract it into the initial feed. If you have structured product data on your site, you will see "Website crawl" in Merchant Center when creating a new main feed. Google says that the crawled feed data will be refreshed periodically, depending on the traffic your site receives from Google. "Automatic image improvement to avoid disapproved images when you are on Merchant C

  • Comparison of Google search ads and display ads.jpg

    Comparison of Google search ads and display ads


    When you're advertising on Google, you're stuck with how much money and effort you spend on search or display advertising. Therefore, here are the advantages of search and display networks so that you can develop your advertising strategy. Appearance differences Let us first introduce the appearance differences between the two networks and provide us with some background knowledge. 1) Search Network The search network is a group of related websites and applications in which advertisers' ads can be displayed. Users will type a search query into the search bar to display the advertiser's website on the search engine results page. There are designated ads at the top and bottom of the page, and the natural search results site is in the middle. Because Google is essentially an ad auction, bidding on keywords that match a user's search query will make your ad more likely to be seen in these designated ad slots. You can see the green "AD" label next to the paid ad. Now your ad is

  • Google-Shopping advertising promotion manual.jpg

    Google Shopping advertising promotion manual!


    As a traffic giant, Google has always been a more popular promotion platform for overseas companies. As a heavy advertising form launched by Google, shopping ads have received more and more attention and have achieved good results. Data show that as of 2018, Google Shopping ads accounted for 76.4% of all retail search advertising spending, and the clicks brought by this search spending accounted for 85.3% of all clicks. There is no doubt that Google Shopping can promote the sales growth of e-commerce sellers to a certain extent. If you have not enjoyed the benefits brought by Google Shopping ads, then you must not have learned how to operate. GoogleShopping Step 3: Create an advertising link account and complete all the work of the feed, then you can link your GoogleAds account, in GoogleMerchantC

  • These professional suggestions for foreign trade website Google optimization, you must make a note! .jpg

    These professional suggestions for foreign trade website Google optimization, you must make a note!


    With the rapid development of international trade, more and more foreign trade companies have begun to pay attention to the construction of foreign trade websites. However, foreign trade websites want to get a good search ranking on Google, and they must find the right method. In addition to advertising, the content of foreign trade websites must be continuously optimized. Because, Google will only recommend the website content that it deems to be recommended. Next, let's share the professional advice of senior Google optimizer on Google optimization of foreign trade website. First, what should a foreign trade website do to be good? 1. Server selection Generally speaking, the services of several major foreign server providers are quite good, and the price is OK. The suggestion is to directly buy the space of those good server vendors from abroad, because those spaces are very formal, and generally there are no adult violence sites in it. Because in the unfortunate case, those websites share the same IP, which will greatly affect your website ranking. 2.Domain name selection if your domain name contains

  • How to choose keywords for SEO optimization of foreign trade website.jpg

    How to choose keywords for SEO optimization of foreign trade website?


    So, how to choose keywords for SEO optimization of foreign trade websites? You can start from the following aspects: 1. From the perspective of customers, customers generally search for keywords in the Google search engine, and then see our webpage in the search results. And finally enter our website. Then, we have to think from the perspective of customers, what keywords they will use when searching for your company's related products. Ask your customers and salespeople more about what keywords they will search for. 2. Analyze the websites of peers and competitors. Look at the keywords used by peers and competitors' websites. Analyze which keywords are used by the better websites that they make. For example: right click on the website, click "View Source Code" in the popup → keywords in the code are the keywords of this website page, as shown below:

  • Nine tips for beginners in Google-SEO optimization in 2020! .jpg

    Nine tips for beginners to optimize Google SEO in 2020!


    If you are just getting ready to learn Google SEO optimization, and you see a lot of information on the Internet, professional terms, operating skills, expert sayings, in the face of these massive amounts of information, you are at a loss, these nine tips shared with you today will help you Quickly start the road to Google seo optimization in 2020: 1. Understand Google ’s most important ranking factors. First read some information about the key factors of Google ’s distribution. These factors have an impact on your website ’s performance in search, Ranking (also known as SERP) is critical. Backlinko's BrianDean summarizes the entire list of more than 200 ranking signals or factors in Google's algorithm. 2. Optimize for mobile devices 58% of searches in Google are done on mobile devices. Execute on mobile device

  • Seo website optimization methods are those.jpg

    What are the methods for seo website optimization?


    The optimization of a website should start from the idea of building a website, not from the online operation of the website, so we will briefly explain the three aspects of website concept, website optimization, and offsite promotion: 1. The website concept has just begun Position the website, determine whether it is a marketing website or an information website or any other type, and then think about the domain name, server configuration, database type, website architecture, and so on. 1. To build a domain name website, choosing a good domain name is half the success. Pay attention to the following points when choosing a domain name: (1) register and renew as soon as possible; (2) be short, easy to understand, and easy to remember; (3) use com as much as possible for the domain name suffix; (4) related to company name, industry business, and so on. 2.Before the server is built, in order to facilitate the later operation and development of the website, it is best to do a long-term data analysis and prediction of the website, and then choose the appropriate service

  • Google-SEO optimization rankings have those advantages over Google-Ads.jpg

    What are the advantages of Google SEO optimization ranking over Google Ads?


    Google SEO optimization ranking, also known as Google search engine optimization, uses technology to increase the natural ranking of website keywords and get traffic. Compared with Google Ads, it mainly has the following advantages: 1. Low price: The cost of maintaining a Google SEO ranking for one year may be only one to two months for Google Adwords, which is much cheaper in comparison. 2.Wide display area: The biggest advantage of Google SEO optimization ranking is that there is no independence of search engines. You only need to optimize for Google, but the results will be improved accordingly in Yahoo, Bing, or other search engines. Bring you more potential customers virtually. 3.Don't worry about malicious clicks: The effect of Google SEO optimization ranking is natural ranking, and you won't pay per click, regardless of

  • Google Keyword Planner uses those methods.jpg

    What are the methods used by Google Keyword Planner?


    The Google Keyword Planner tool gives you two ways to use it: Find keywords: Get practical keyword ideas to better reach users interested in your product or service. Get search volume and forecast data: Viewing keyword search volume and other historical indicators, as well as forecast data for future performance of keywords, both options will take you to the keyword plan page, but what you see will be based on your choice Slightly different. These are not two separate tools. Let's take a look at how these two functions are used. "Find keywords" feature Do you want to discover new keywords? Start here. According to Google, as long as "enter a word, phrase, or URL related to your business," Google will give back some keyword suggestions. Here is Google ’s suggestion for the keyword “SEO”:

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    Facebook advertising business account opening notes and frequently asked questions


    Note for Facebook account opening: Account opening process: 1. The customer determines that there are FB advertising account opening requirements and budgets (from the first US $ 1000), 2. Establish a WeChat group, and check whether the customer website meets the account opening conditions; 3. Rectify the website content according to the account opening requirements Establish homepage, etc .; 4. Submit OE link 5. Wait for review. About the official website: Facebook most often gives poor user experience. There is no clear standard for this.We need to evaluate the website ourselves. From the perspective of ourselves as customers, check our website security, user policies, shopping features, Whether there are shopping guarantees in pictures and text materials, including: (1) contact us, a clear contact email or other effective contact information is required; (2) a complete privacy policy; (3)

  • How is social media Pinterest marketed? .jpg

    [Video] How is social media marketing Pinterest?


    At Pinterest, a social platform built on shareable images, shopping opportunities are cleverly disguised as clothing inspired, smoothie recipes. For consumers, this is a great place to shop. For brands, this is a gold mine. Think about it: We analyzed data from more than 529,000 Shopify store orders and found that Pinterest is the second largest social source of traffic, so the average order value of traffic is ranked third. In addition, according to piqora research, pin sales and traffic may occur for a long time after the product is pinned.

  • How to solve Facebook ads cancellation and account ban.jpg

    What can I do if Facebook ads are cancelled and my account is banned?


    When something goes wrong with your Facebook ads, it usually falls into two categories: ads are not approved to run or accounts are disabled. Ads may be canceled due to violations, and account bans may be due to repeated violations or high negative feedback in your account. Then there is a difference between the reason that Facebook ads are cancelled and ads that are cancelled immediately after running for a period of time. Common reasons for ads to be canceled are: ● Use of tag words, such as "this", as the word is often used as a click bait. Overuse of "you" or "your" can also cause ads to be canceled. ● Consecutive marks, characters, or all words used are capital letters. ● There is a problem with the landing page. Redirecting to another type of page, obtrusive pop-ups or revenue statements will be flagged. ● Violates the personal attributes portion of the advertising strategy. ● Use of Facebook's trademarks, logos, pictures

  • Use Facebook-Messenger ads for overseas marketing promotion.jpg

    Use Facebook Messenger ads for overseas marketing


    Facebook Messenger marketing is effective for audiences who don't like to check email and prefer to use social media for communication. Facebook offers you an opportunity to sell through Messenger ads. Here's how to use Facebook Messenger ads to drive e-commerce business. What are Facebook Messenger ads? Messenger ads can bring the public into the private sector. They are advertisements that appear in the Messenger app as sponsorship information. In essence, this is just a business message that pops up in the application. The message can contain anything you want, including questionnaires, sales quotes, and more. Online chat and social media are the preferred means of communication for people under 35, as Kleiner

  • 640.jpg

    B2B foreign trade website marketing with B2C


    For a long time, B2B foreign trade companies have faced problems in search engine marketing with few user contacts, long transaction cycles, and high conversion costs. It is difficult for traditional internet marketing to achieve effective breakthroughs in the above problems. In fact, although B2B is a business-to-business communication in terms of business models, the main body that initiates and implements the procurement process is still implemented to individuals or teams. Combining the common demands of enterprises and individuals, using B2C to conduct online marketing can effectively respond. challenge. The so-called "use B2C foreign trade B2B foreign trade website marketing" for foreign trade enterprises refers to the use of cross-border e-commerce model, put standardized products on foreign trade websites or platforms for sale. The sales process is very similar to the purchase experience of e-commerce consumption. So, what is a basic B2B foreign trade website? Let us give a simple example: ABC for the virtual name we set up an online mall, set product product page,

  • How does a foreign trade clerk access Google and use Google to search for customers? .jpg

    How does a foreign trade clerk access Google and use Google to search for customers?


    Foreword: I saw a lot of posts about how to find customers through Google. There are many methods and cases, but I still find that many people don't take specific actions. The reason is that which methods are too tall, some are too abstract, and some are too complicated. Here will be a summary of the existing Google search syntax according to the different situations encountered by foreign trade customer search, which can be directly applied by the vast number of foreign trades. First of all, we will use several cases of search to classify. In foreign trade, using Google to search for customers mainly includes these situations: 1. With your own {industry and products}, you need to search for the relevant {customer company name} 2. With {customer company name} or {customer website} , But ca n’t find {customer email} 3. I have {customer company name} and {customer email}, but I do n’t know their specific {contact name} 4. I found a lot of results, but most of them are not relevant Net

  • Tencent enterprise mailbox.Jpg

    Tencent corporate mailboxes can use WeChat, corporate WeChat, applets to send and receive mail directly


    Tencent enterprise mailbox can use WeChat, enterprise WeChat, Tencent enterprise mailbox applet to send and receive emails, and get email alerts as soon as possible. WeChat, corporate WeChat, and applets can send and receive mail directly without installing a third-party app. Bundle WeChat can send and receive mail anytime, anywhere, and receive new email alerts in a timely manner. Tencent Enterprise Mail is the default mailbox application for WeChat enterprise accounts, and the mailbox address book has been synchronized with the organizational structure of the enterprise account by one click. The email recall function should be used for special office scenarios, which can be immediately recalled if the recipient has not read the email, ensuring that the leakage of information is minimal. With the separate sending function, the recipient can only see his own address, taking efficiency into consideration and highlighting respect. Rich and diverse management functions. Global login and sending logs can help administrators query the details of each login and sending of the mailbox. Once the account is stolen, the administrator can restrict the login or sending permission of members or IPs, and control the influence in time. Full support for mobile offices

  • How to apply for a Tencent enterprise email for free.jpg

    How to apply for Tencent Enterprise Email for free?


    How to apply for a Tencent enterprise email for free? I often have a small partner to consult the fulcrum e-commerce, and today I will share with you: Features of Tencent free enterprise email: unlimited number of people 1G mailbox capacity 2G personal transfer station 2G corporate network disk limit limit for outgoing letters 500 / day, support POP IMAP. You can use third-party mail management software such as FOXMAIL. Details address: Activation address: Advantages: 1. Secure login, binding WeChat (using binding WeChat security is guaranteed) 2.Easy to use, integrated into WeChat, you can directly check the mailbox

  • What is the difference between a corporate mailbox and a personal mailbox.jpg

    What is the difference between a corporate mailbox and a personal mailbox?


    Many foreign trade companies don't know whether to use an enterprise mailbox or a personal mailbox. It is not clear what is the difference between the two, or what are the benefits of using an enterprise mailbox. Today I will give you a brief analysis of the difference between an enterprise mailbox and a personal mailbox. .Applicable people are different: Personal mailboxes are mainly for individual users, suitable for personal storage of some data, low security level, not suitable for storing important data; what is an enterprise mailbox? An enterprise mailbox is an email system with a company's own domain name as a suffix. Each employee has an account, and the enterprise administrator can uniformly manage the employee's mailbox. 2.The application method is different: the application method of the personal mailbox is relatively simple, just fill in the valid information registration in the mailbox website that you want to register; the enterprise mailbox is required to apply for the company, determine the number of users and domain name, contact customer service to open, Signing a contract, paying, and issuing an invoice. 3. Different scope of application: Personal mailboxes are mainly used by individuals

  • Alibaba Cloud enterprise mailbox solution when receiving spam.Jpg

    Solutions when Alibaba Cloud Enterprise Mailbox receives spam


    Foreign trade companies receive spam emails when they use Alibaba Cloud enterprise mailboxes, which can be handled as follows: Solution: Report spam: Select the emails to be rejected in the mailing list, and click the report button. While viewing the message, click the report button. Select Add sending account to blacklist. Set up the follow-up emails through Email settings> Blacklist function. 1. Click the gear-shaped button in the upper right corner of the mailbox to enter the mailbox setting interface. 2. Select the blacklist, add the sending account to the blacklist, and implement the blacklist rule for incoming letters from the sending account. 3. Add the sending domain name to the blacklist, and execute the blacklist rule for any account letter in the sending domain. Tips: When adding a mailbox domain to the blacklist, you must include @, otherwise it will be judged that "this email address or domain name format is illegal". 4. Anti-Spam option

  • Advantages of foreign trade companies choosing corporate mailboxes.jpg

    Advantages of foreign trade companies choosing corporate email


    The corporate mailbox is a mailbox with a corporate domain name as a suffix, which not only reflects the company's brand and image, but also facilitates the unified management of company employees' mailboxes by employees, and enables the company's business correspondence to be better and more securely managed. Modern communication tools indispensable in the Internet age. Advantages of foreign trade companies choosing corporate mailboxes-Establishing corporate brand image-Based on the company's independent domain name, employees' mailboxes to promote corporate self-image are all in the form of " [email protected] corporate domain name", thereby establishing a unified corporate brand image and facilitating businesses Image promotion. Once the company has an email mailbox of this nature, it indicates that the company has a relatively independent identity on the Internet. Corporate mailboxes will become an indispensable tool for companies to publicize and engage in business. -Automatic mailbox management-open and close employee mailboxes at any time to prevent business loss

  • Alibaba Cloud enterprise mailbox opening operation.jpg

    Alibaba Cloud Enterprise Mailbox Operation


    After you have successfully purchased your Alibaba Cloud Mail corporate mailbox, you can follow this help document to set up your mailbox. The suggestions are as follows: 1. Add resolution 2. Set password 3. Assign employee accounts to complete the opening of the corporate mailbox. Here we will take the standard version of Enterprise Mailbox as an example. If you have purchased the Enterprise Mailbox Group Edition, please refer to the section for assigning sub-accounts and domain name resolution: Group Post Office Create Domain Help Step 1: Add a resolution reminder: Set the mailbox correctly as required Domain name resolution is a prerequisite for the use of corporate mailboxes, and incorrect resolution will directly affect the mail receiving and sending services of this mailbox. After logging in, you can click on the "Manage" action link of the mailbox you purchased under the "Admin Console-Enterprise Mailbox" and select the "Setting Resolution" tab. ① If the domain name you registered is under the same member as your email address, according to the system prompt, click "Add a domain name resolution", the system will automatically enter the domain name and email address.

  • Why SSL certificates are important for company websites.jpg

    Why is an SSL certificate important for a company website?


    With the development of the Internet, there are more and more solutions to better protect websites. In recent years, Google has been working to make the Internet a more secure place by encouraging website owners to use the HTTPS protocol, which ensures that data sent from your computer to the site you are browsing is encrypted and transmitted securely. In July of this year, network security measures will become stricter. With the release of Chrome 68, Google will mark all sites that do not use HTTPS as insecure. I will explain why SSL certificates are so important and how they are good for your business or personal website. What is an SSL certificate? SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates have been around for more than 20 years. Having SSL ensures that sensitive data for website visitors is transmitted over a secure network. Despite this important component of SSL, many users are owing to the price and complexity of their implementation.

  • HTTPS pros and cons, principle analysis: website should not be HTTPS.jpg

    Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of HTTPS, the principle: should the website do HTTPS?


    We have investigated the issue of whether or not to make an HTTPS website. What is HTTPS? HTTPS (full name: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer) is an HTTP channel that aims at security, and is simply a secure version of HTTP. That is, the SSL layer is added under HTTP, and the security foundation of HTTPS is SSL, so the details of encryption require SSL. HTTPS has a default port different from HTTP and an encryption / authentication layer (between HTTP and TCP). This system provides authentication and encrypted communication methods. It is now widely used for security-sensitive communications on the World Wide Web, such as transaction payments. In the traditional HTTP mode, there are a lot of gray intermediate links.The related information is easy to steal, but HT

  • Why do foreign trade websites install SSL certificates? The necessity of HTTPS transformation.jpg

    Why do foreign trade websites install SSL certificates? The necessity of HTTPS transformation!


    The security issues of foreign trade websites are actually shocking, mainly manifested in the following aspects: 1. The homepage will be tampered with and illegally redirected; 2. The website is filled with advertisements, but the revenue does not belong to its own website; 3. The website is blocked by the browser, Distrust, poor trust from overseas customers! Installing ssl certificates for htts transformation becomes necessary work. HTTPS is recognized as an authentication protocol that can effectively prevent websites from being hacked and tampered with. Advantages of HTTPS: Security: In the current technical background, HTTPS is the most secure solution under the current architecture: 1.Using the HTTPS protocol can authenticate users and servers, and ensure that data is sent to the correct clients and servers; 2. The HTTPS protocol is a network protocol that can be used for encrypted transmission and identity authentication constructed by the SSL + HTTP protocol.It is more secure than the http protocol, and can prevent data from being stolen and changed during the transmission process.

  • How to choose an SSL certificate type.jpg

    How to choose the SSL certificate type?


    Recently, many customers came to us to upgrade our website. We need to upgrade the HTTP site to HTTPS. Here is a brief description of the difference between the two: 1.http is a hypertext transfer protocol, which is clear text transmission, and https is a secure hypertext. The transmission protocol is encrypted transmission. 2. HTTP uses port 80 of the server by default, and HTTPS uses port 443 of the server by default. 3. The HTTPS protocol requires an SSL certificate. We know that if you want to upgrade your website from HTTP to HTTPS I need to buy an SSL certificate. Now that there are so many SSL certificate brands and prices are different, how should we choose? First of all, we need to determine the type of SSL certificate we need to buy. The types are generally: 1. EV type (enhanced certificate After this certificate is installed: the green address bar shows the company name + security lock + HTTPS

  • Doing a foreign trade website without an SSL certificate, "Yi Di, open Didi without a driver's license?". Jpg

    There is no SSL certificate for a foreign trade website. "Yi Di, open Didi without a driver's license?"


    I believe that when you visit some websites, they may be displayed as insecure in the URL, prompting insecure links, and even some customers do not pass when reviewing GooGle shopping. This has seriously affected people's visit to our website. There are some The grumpy customer directly finds the service provider "stroke up". In fact, this is not a technical issue, but only a small SSL certificate. Today I will talk about SSL with you! First let's see what is an SSL certificate? SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a type of digital certificate, similar to electronic copies of driver's license, passport and business license. Because it is configured on the server, it is also called SSL server certificate. In fact, everyone understands the role of SSL certificate is that he will tell the buyer that your website is authentic and ensure that the buyer needs to pass on the website exchange.

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    What is an SSL certificate? Benefits of SSL certificates


    Does this happen to your site in Google Chrome? That is to show that your web link is not secure. When the website is not secure, users will wonder if the website is virus-free. If it is a shopping website, it may lose 60% of users. --------- --------------- What is HTTPS? Most of us use encrypted communications every day. For example, if you search for something on Baidu, you buy a favorite shirt on Taobao. HTTPS can prevent your data from being stolen by others during the network transmission. Harm of http If you visit a website with Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) default, its content will be transmitted in clear text. This means that everyone's location between you and the server can see every interaction you have with the site. Summarize HTTP in technical terms

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    How to set the background of the Alibaba International Station decoration?


    Members who have just opened Alibaba International Station, when they are performing decoration on Alibaba International Station, they do not know how to set the background of the Wangpu, and the fulcrum e-commerce editor will show you the flow: Add the background image of Wangpu 1. Operation Permissions: master account, producer account 2, how to operate: log in to My Alibaba back-office-global shop-decoration, enter the editor, select the page background-page theme color, select the navigation bar color background image suggestion: the recommended size of the image is 2000 * 3000 Within pixels, JPG, PNG picture format, within 2M [Reminder] If the picture you uploaded matches the pixel, but the display is incomplete after publishing, it is because the screen resolution is different and the display ratio of the picture is different, you can temporarily reduce the webpage first Test it out, we will update the function of adaptive screen size of pictures later. Image fill method: tiled, non-tiledAlignment method: left aligned, centered

  • Alibaba International Station Wangpu decoration design ideas.Jpg

    Decoration design ideas for Alibaba International Station Wangpu


    The decoration of the Alibaba International Station Wangpu must be done well in these 5 steps, to comprehensively improve the Alibaba International Station ’s global Wangpu image to gain more trust from overseas customers and increase the number of inquiries. General design ideas for the decoration of the Baba International Station Wangpu decoration: LOGO-let buyers remember you Banner-let buyers know your product category-make it easier for buyers to search for product featuresCompany profile-get buyers to recommend smart products- Big data intelligent recommended product contact information-guide buyers to contact us to let buyers remember that you build your company brand, LOGO display is everywhere: websites, business cards, products, etc .; a simple, easy to understand, eye-catching and impressive LOGO makes it easy for buyers to remember you; it is symbolic and reflects product characteristics and corporate image. Let buyers know that your Banner roll is booming

  • no photo

    How to add company introduction to Alibaba International Station decoration?


    The best answer: Alibaba International Station Wangpu 2.0 decoration to add the company introduction section, you need to install the following steps to operate settings: Add company introduction ① Company business cards can only be added in the narrow column, add up to one, drag and drop to the display page " + "Box. The company business card is automatically generated by the system. If you need to change it, you need to modify the relevant information at the MA backstage-site management-management company information. You can edit the information. * Company basic information We will display the company information you entered here for quick access by buyers. If you need to edit, you can directly click "Manage Company Information". * The module title displays Why Choose Us by default and can be edited by yourself, limited to 50 characters. The background image of this module can be modified, and the recommended size is 1200X280px; *

  • no photo

    [Alibaba International Station Wangpu Decoration] PC-only template and wireless-only template. How can two versions be applied to the same version?


    The two sets of templates purchased by the user (PC-only template and wireless-only template) are applied to the same version and released online: 1. When the shop is decorated, enter the template management, first apply the PC-only template, and then create a version (assuming Yes A); 2. Then switch to the wireless exclusive template. When applying the wireless exclusive template, select "Select the version to copy" and choose to copy A. At this time, the PC version of A is copied, and the wireless Wireless template

  • Alibaba International Station.jpg

    Tips for Taiwan operation after the decoration of Alibaba International Station


    Full-time foreign trade professionals are thinking about how to develop customers; how to improve their English level and persuade customers with their fluent English; how to make buyers like their products ... rarely have the energy to analyze how to start a store . As a foreign trader, how do you learn about shop operations while doing business? How to update products? How to use p4p efficiently? What do you think of my ranking? Many of them are basic issues. The following are 8 common problems summarized by the pivot editor. 1. The number of multi-picture products allowed to be uploaded by Alibaba International Station. From July 10, 2013, the product owners of gold supplier members The number of Tudor products was upgraded from 32 to 100. 2. How to distinguish products with fixed ranking, P4P auction ranking and natural ranking in the search results of Alibaba International Station? 1. The products that are more vague than the solid line are purchased with fixed keywords.

  • Alibaba International Station shop.jpg

    How to increase the attractiveness of Alibaba International Station stores?


    Store visitor behavior scores are calculated from the two dimensions of visit time and page number of buyers, which reflects the attractiveness of your store. A shop that can attract global buyers needs to show the company's situation and product content in an all-round way, and highlight the advantages of the company, so as to further attract users to enter business opportunities and inquiries. The following fulcrum editor will talk to you about how to increase the appeal of Ali International Station stores? First, the uniform theme color of the store The best background color of the store and the overall color, so as not to be too messy, simple atmosphere is better, we must fully consider the preferences of buyers in the main area. First, the color of the title bar of the product module and the background color on both sides of the webpage should preferably belong to the same color system. Black, white and gray neutral colors are recommended here, because it is more conducive to highlighting the color of the product. It's very simple. Many home improvement designers now use white bookshelves when they make bookshelves on the whole wall. Because white is very inclusive,

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